We may use third-party analytics (with their cookies, tracking Javascript, and other tools) to analyze the website traffic. This includes all the normal traffic data an analytics tool would collect.

When it comes to the editor, we will do our best to assure that none of the assets, asset metadata, or layer content ever reaches any of our analytics tools (or servers in general).

However, in addition to tracking browsing data, we might collect some usage statistics in the editor, such as number of projects created, number of layers created, video durations, layer features used, fonts used, and so on. Basically, we're saying that while we don't directly collect any data about the kind of project you're working on, the traffic and usage data we may collect could theoretically be used to link an exported video to your IP address. So that means don't, like, create anything very illegal.

Why we have analytics? Primarily because it's fun, but secondarily because it helps plan the future (does anyone even use this tool?), figure out what kind of videos people are creating, and figure out if some features warrant just outright removal to keep the editor sleek.

For additional privacy, use analytics-/ad-blocking tool.